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Brandon Rubenstein

Principal Platform Engineer
I've had the privilege to contribute to Microsoft's success as an engineering director, a design architect and a lead designer. Most recently I've managed the mechanical and power teams responsible for defining, designing, and maintaining Microsoft's cloud business hardware and datacenter interfaces.

At cloud scale, seemingly insignificant costs in parts, assembly, operation, agility and deployment are amplified to the point of making a real impact on the profitability of the business. These lessons are critical to cloud businesses but valuable to a very wide range of IT products.

From a server perspective, the IT equipment and data center cannot be optimized for efficiency if not considered as one system, so I've also been heavily involved in advanced data center facilities designs, system cooling techniques, and the interactions and effects between the data center and the IT equipment. An example being my invention of the dry interface, liquid cooled thermal busbar now used in the HP Apollo 8000 server.

My work on Microsoft Surface presented somewhat different thermal and mechanical challenges from servers that mostly revolve around the shift from utility to user interface and experience. Innovation and low cost are stressed for these types of products.

Specialties: Electronics Thermal and Mechanical Engineering/Design, Data Center Thermal Engineering/Design and Analysis. Consumer handheld and computer and industrial computer thermal and mechancal design.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) in data center systems. Energy consumption profiling. Designing for efficiency.

Leadership, Technical Presentations, ME CAD, FEA, CFD tools.