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Apstra® has pioneered the only multi-vendor intent-based network operating system that enables you to build a data center network in minutes rather than months and simplify and automate the entire processes involved in designing, building, and operating networks - day 0, day 1, and day 2+. Learn how companies have applied the best practices of an OCP community hyper scale company on the hardware, software and chip fronts, and deployed AOS for automation. This disaggregated approach separates the hardware, choice of Network Operating System, and automation layer. The Apstra Operating System™(AOS) provides log scale improvements in CapEx, OpEx and Capacity and is hardware-inclusive and works across all major vendors as well as open alternatives. AOS automatically prevents and repairs network outages for dramatically improved infrastructure uptime and operates a network as one system, massively improving infrastructure agility while reducing operational expenses. AOS’ distributed data store is a repository of all intent, configuration, and telemetry state, and acts as a single source of truth for your network. To schedule a 1:1 meeting with Apstra’s executive team at booth #C11 click here or go to www.apstra.com.