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.Bronze Sponsor, Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Networks cultivates an open, disaggregated approach to networking akin to the transformation of server infrastructure that gave customers choice, better tools and TCO improvements. Our focus has been disaggregating switch hardware from the software and operating system in order to provide users with greater choice, use of standard automation tools, and the ability to scales affordably. Open networking based on an open OS, like Cumulus Linux, leverages the rapid technology improvement cycles of merchant silicon, an expanding set of bare metal switching hardware providers, the growing ecosystem of commercial and open source Linux tools and applications, and diverse routes to market globally to fit customers’ purchasing behaviors. And because of our relationship with our OCP hardware partners, we’ve help bring a number of great OCP technology to commercial production. Additionally, ONIE is an open source initiative led by Cumulus and driven by a community of new generation networking leaders with the common goal of defining an open “install environment” for bare metal network switches. Cumulus Linux is compatible with a broad set of OCP switches including the industry’s first and only modular open chassis’ in the 128-port Facebook Backpack and 256-port EdgeCore OMP 800. These are just a few ways we’ve helped eliminate vendor lock-in from the data center using web-scale principles that are cost effective and shorten deployment time. We are committed to the Open Compute Project and we love sharing that passion with others in the industry.